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South Jersey Mothers of Multiples strives to offer support to both new and seasoned mothers of mulitples. We do this in a variety of ways.

Our club has a multiples program through which new members are paired with a volunteer club member. Our “Big Sisters” are here to help their “Little Sister” with any issues or concerns that may arise where their multiples are concerned. They are also there to help them network within our club. If you are a new member and have not yet been assigned a Big Sister, please contact membership.

We also organize meals for club members who need a little extra help. These could be members who have just had a baby (or two or three!), members who have been ill, or members who have had a death in the family. If you would like to take advantage or this or have a friend in need, please contact hospitality. And please remember, we always need volunteers who are willing to contribute meals to those in need!

Additionally, we have a list of hints that have been helpful to us in our collective experience as mothers of multiples.

Our club also maintains a library of books that are available to all club members. These books include a variety of topics ranging from pregnancy to educating multiples and beyond! Other topics include breastfeeding, sleeping, potty training, discipline, activities, nutrition, safety and everything in between!

Below is a list of club members who have volunteered to assist or talk to members on many topics. Please feel free to seek out any of these members at our monthly meeting, or to contact them via telephone or email. Contact information can be found in our Members section.

Topic Volunteer Members
C-Section Brenda Casano, Kristen Cooper, Heather Damico, Jackie Hazlett, Elaine Petrosino-Roehm
Postpartum Erin Sauer
Bed Rest Heather Damico, Barbara Kelleher, Bridget LeGrazie
Monitors Colleen Green, Jackie Hazlett, Bridget LeGrazie
Intensive Care Kristen Cooper, Heather Damico
Waiting for babies to come home Kristen Cooper, Heather Damico, Colleen Green
Developmental problems due to prematurity
Full term Brenda Casano, Doreen Eggers, Bridget LeGrazie
Preemies Heather Damico, Bridget LeGrazie
Expressing/pumping Brenda Casano, Heather Damico, Rachel Hall, Bridget LeGrazie
Beyond 1 Year Heather Damico, Bridget LeGrazie
Weaning Bridget LeGrazie
Twin Care
Bottle Feeding Erin Sauer
Cloth Diapering Heide Fraley
Coming home Jackie Hazlett
Equipment Erin Sauer
Feeding Solids Erin Sauer
Homemade Baby Food Heather Damico
Sleeping Jackie Hazlett, Elaine Petrosino-Roehm, Erin Sauer
Toilet Training Heather Damico, Erin Sauer
The Toddler Years Erin Sauer
The School Years
Preschool Brenda Casano, Heather Damico, Erin Sauer
Kindergarten Kristin O’Neil
Elementary Education Kristin O’Neil
Middle School Kristin O’Neil
High School Kristin O’Neil
5-7 years Brenda Casano, Heather Damico
8-10 years
11-13 years
14-17 years
Special Concerns
Autism Lisa Gladstone
Early Intervention Brenda Casano
IUGR Identical Twins Barbara Kelleher
RSV Lisa Gladstone
Special Education Lisa Gladstone, Kristin O’Neil
Twin to Twin Transfusion Barbara Kelleher, Bridget LeGrazie, Elaine Petrosino-Roehm
Celiac Disease
Death of a Child Colleen Green
Dealing with Divorce
Ectopic Pregnancy Lisa Gish
Post-Patrum Depression Heide Fraley
Pregnancy after a Loss
Reproductive Clinic Heather Damico, Jackie Hazlett, Erin Sauer
Single Parents
Stay-At-Home Dads
Stay-At-Home Moms Brenda Casano, Heather Damico, Erin Sauer
Surgery & Complications
Triplets Lisa Zink
Working Moms Rachel Hall