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On this page, we will link businesses that are owned and/or operated by our members or their spouses! Please take this opportunity to support our fellow members!

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Art Duffield Realty – Tina Haydu I have been in real estate in NJ & PA combined for over 30 years.  My well rounded experience combined with a state of the art facility located in the historic community of Woodbury, NJ allow me to serve my clients without loosing the old fashioned touch of personal service.  Call me today @ 856-848-4446 or click on Chris”Tina” Haydu on our website @ www.artduffieldrealty.com. Tina Haydu
Russo’s Fruit & Vegetable Farm & Greenhouses, Inc. Russo’s is a local family farm with a complete line of fruits, vegetables, and bakery items. They also offer greenhouses, mulch, top soil, and landscaping services! Russo’s is open 7 days a week from Easter until Christmas Eve. Joe Casano, husband of Brenda Casano

The SHM Financial Group

Molotsky Tax Advisory Group, LLC.

Lee Molotsky, husband of Debbie Molotsky

Tastefully Simple

Tastefully Simple, pre-packaged gourmet foods! Host a home or catalog party to earn free products…or place an order anytime online through my catalog!

Lea Booth

Vallee Surveying

Vallee Surveying provides a great deal of assurance in the quality and practice of Land Surveying. The company uses new technology that collects, processes, stores, transmits, and displays information, ultimately offering reduced budgets and shortened project time lines.

Robert Vallee, husband of Kristen Vallee

Rockwell Associates

Financial Planning Services

Brandywine Plaza West
1521 Concord Pike, Suite 305
Wilmington, DE 19803-3644

Phone: (302) 655-7151 ext. 135

Fax: (302) 655-3042

Eric D. Vernacchio, Financial Strategist

Paid Advertising

Here, we will post links to advertisers who post in our monthly newsletter.

Company Description Contact
Kids’ Music Round of Cherry Hill SJ’s favorite interactive music program for families with young children! Miss Marcia
For Multiples Maternity Clothes made exclusively for Mother’s of Multiples Peggy Fitzgibbon