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Request help

Whenever help is offered, do not refuse! Do not be afraid to admit you are not “Super Mom”.

Breastfeed if you would like

Many mothers of mulitples breastfeed successfully. If you would like, Daddy can give a bottle at night, or you can alternate breastfeeding with bottle and/or formula feeding.

Keep a daily diary

A steno pad with each baby’s name at the top of a column works well. Record all shots, vitamins, medications, etc. with dates, times and amounts if appropriate. It will be very helpful at the Doctor’s Office.

Take a nap when the babies do

If you can, take a nap when the babies do. You need to get your rest too!

Stay calm

Healthy babies cry! Crying a little will not hurt them. They will soon learn to wait their turn and share Mommy.

Feeding two babies at once

When bottle feeding, hold one baby and prop the second baby next to you, making sure his/her head is at a 45 degree angle. Reverse the babies next time, so each one will get a turn being held while eating.

When nursing, try to tandem nurse if possible.

When feeding solids, put babies in infant seats and use one spoon and one dish. Don’t worry about germs – they pass them to one another anyway!

Take time for you

Take time for yourself and for your husband. The birth of any child puts strain on a marrige. Take time to “recharge”. You will be a better wife and mother!

Contact us

A local mothers of multiples club is a must for support, comfort, friendship, hints, clothing, equipment and more! Give us a try!