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Appreciation Auction & Luncheon Committee

Obtains license, solicits gifts and prepares for auction at the Appreciation

Luncheon.  Selects place, date and time of luncheon to honor those who support us most. Plans the menu, entertainment, centerpieces and gifts for guest and favors for all who attend. Typically is held in April or May of each year.

2017-2018 Chairs: Christine Bulger, Andrea Miller, Diana Gleason & Ashley Walsh 

Children’s Activities

Plans any holiday parties or trips and activities for the children.  Typically we offer a fall hayride, winter and spring parties.

2017-2018 Chair: Jen Groatman, Dawn Todero, & Jenny Weiner

Club Representative

Handles anonymous (or not) complaints and suggestions from the general Membership, may possibly receive phone call at home from members.  Also is the liaison between general membership and the executive board.  This is an elected position from the membership.

2017-2018 Chair:

Community Service

Organizes gifts and so forth for charities out side of club.

2017-2018 Chair: Christina Lukac & Alyssa Sweeney


Obtains reports from officers and chairpersons; composes and edits information for monthly publishing of SJMOMS newsletter.  Needs and wants are also received for publishing.  Outside advertisements welcome, see editor for further information.

2017-2018 Chair: Colleen Green

Expectant’s Chat

Meets 1st half hour of the general meeting and start the discussion with the Expectant Mother’s.

2017-2018 Chair: Kimberly Rickert & Christine Kell

HistorianKeeps an accurate report on club events, members special events, etc

2017-2018 Chair: Gabrielle Lasko


Keeps records of significant events for club members.  Offers and organizes meals for members in need.

2017-2018 Chair: Angela Lancos


Greets and introduces prospective and expectant mothers at each meeting and shows them around.  Also plans the new member party at least once a year.

2017-2018 Chair: Deborah Levitt & Stacey Horan


Collects dues, keeps accurate records of members and attendance.  Keeps track of birthdays for the newsletter.  Responsible for organizing new member booklet and distribution of membership cards.

2017-2018 Chair: Kim Peek & Jen Edmonson

Mom’s Chat

Meets 1st half hour of the general meeting and start the discussion.

2017-2018 Chair: Melissa Schultz & Eileen Fournier

 Mom’s Night Out

Organizes Mom’s NIght Out Activites, including group painting, wine tastings and other fun events.2017-2018 Chair: Kim Sorgenti

National Representative

Club liaison to the National Organization, mostly through correspondence.  Contact her if you do not receive the “NoteBook”.

2017-2018 Chair: Jackie Hazlett


Makes sure rules, by-laws and procedures are being followed.  Revises by-laws as needed.  Oversees elections and installations of new boards.

2017-2018 Chair: Brenda Casano

Public Relations

Keeps in touch with local hospitals and doctors offices to notify moms of our Organization.

2017-2018 Chair: Marcy Scollay & Jessica Mendoza


Organizes refreshments for general meetings.  Also organizes winter and installation dinners.

2017-2018 Chair: Jodi Cahill & Judy MacDonald

Show, Tell & Sell

Buys new merchandise and sets up at general meetings and at State convention

2017-2018 Chair: Marlise Gross

State Representative

Club liaison with the state organization.  Hands out raffle tickets that we (members) sell to support the state’s scholarship fund.  We ask that each member sells 10 tickets.

2017-2018 Chair: Eileen O’Rourke and Liz McNamara


Handles all incoming and outgoing correspondences for members.  Please notify chair of any health issues or great happenings in your life.  We like to send cards to recognize most major life events.

2017-2018 Chair: Therese Jarsen


Updates the web page with events and pictures.  Also monitors the forums & approves access to the forums along with the executive board.  Sends out the mass emails for club members and is able to update email addresses for the membership.

2017-2018 Chair: Elizabeth Olson